Thanks for visiting my Hurry Less, Worry Less site where my goal is to provide an online resource full of helpful information,
courses, and books to make living the life you want a reality.

Helping people live better lives has a spiritual meaning for me, as I feel called by God to minister in this way. God has designed life that we should have abundance and joy, yet many of us live lives that are full of everything but this. My mission is to help you live a more spiritual and joyful life.

I spent 25 years living a very hectic life, as I rose through the ranks in a high-pressure journalism career. I became a top executive and found that fulfilling for quite a while, but I began to want more.
I craved a better work-life balance. So, I went about learning how to create the life I longed for, praying for God's guidance and learning new strategies.

The more I talked with friends and colleagues who were struggling with these issues of time management and stress, I realized there was a need to share what I had learned. That was the official start of what has become the Hurry Less, Worry Less books, website and workshops.

Whether I'm helping an individual client or a large workshop group, I always feel blessed to be able to spread the hurry less, worry less message.
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