Today is all we are guaranteed, so we must make the best of it. But we also want to prepare for far-off fun, if we're blessed to realize that day as well. Get tips for both occasions.
(Of course I'm not a doctor, so for those activities where you need medical clearance ─ such as running a race or starting a new workout routine ─ get the appropriate approval. This list is full of suggestions, but you have to be the judge of what works best for you and your life.)

Fun today

Find a fun suggestion in this list, and follow it – today.
1. Take a bubble bath ─ and don’t get out until you're all wrinkly!
2. Set aside 10 minutes to dash off e-mails to two old friends you've not spoken with lately
3. Have your favorite dessert ─ you can work off the calories tomorrow
4. Take a trip down memory lane ─ flip through your favorite photo album with a spouse, your children, or a friend
5. Have lunch outside ─ at the park, in your backyard, at a restaurant
6. Spend 20 minutes reading a copy of your favorite magazine ─ it's probably on the table in the den
7. Start on a new book ─ either reading or writing one!
8. Find an inspirational passage and tape it across the top of your computer ─ read and reflect on it
9. Invite your mate, spouse or best friend to a
spur-of-the moment outing ─ maybe dinner at a place you both like, away from the usual routine
10. Turn on your favorite music and dance

Far-off fun

Find a suggestion on this list and plan for it ─ get started today. Before you know it, your fun date will be here! The benefit of planning for future events is that this gives you something to look forward to and it builds excitement along the way.

Plan …

► Your dream vacation ─ anywhere

► A weekend dinner with your favorite people ─ friends, relatives or co-workers. Make it potluck so you're not the only one cooking!

► Sign up for a dance class

► Join the gym and schedule regular workouts ─ maybe this will fit your idea of fun, maybe it won't, but you'll certainly think it's cool when you're looking and feeling better

► Sign up for a race ─ then plan appropriate training

► Go online and purchase tickets to an event you've been wanting to attend ─ and put it on your calendar (in ink!)

► Decide on a new hobby and start it

► Find a retreat, conference, or other event you want to attend, register and put it on your calendar

► Take a weekend trip to a destination that is within driving distance

► Plant a garden

Email me at to let me know about the fun you're having in your life! I'd love to see how these suggestions are working for you.
This page gives a quirky approach to enjoying each day. This page will help you find fun in two ways: today and the future!
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