I provide a range of services to help you hurry less and worry less. Find out here the great opportunities we have to help you enjoy your life more.
Retreats, workshops,
and seminars

I provide retreats, workshops, and seminars to groups ranging in size from a handful to thousands. The presentations are customized to the particular group and its needs, and come with presentation materials. These events are great for women's groups, conferences, churches, and businesses.

The retreats, workshops, and seminars address specific issues, including work/life balance, stress management, life transitions (such as career changes or moving into retirement), and more.

Email me at judy@judychristie.com and tell me what you need and I'll contact you with a proposal so we can get your event scheduled!

Individual coaching

Many clients come to me for personalized coaching and individual attention. I provide one-on-one help that addresses the complicated issues of their lives, with the ultimate goal of helping them hurry less and worry less. Whether it's navigating a career change or trying to see how you can find the time to do the things that bring you joy, I can help.

My services aren't just limited to helping people in my home area ─ thanks to technology, I coach clients all over!

Email me at judy@judychristie.com and tell me what you need.


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