How to address worry

Worry is often a key component of a hurried and harried life. For years, I worried about things I could control and those I could not. I convinced myself worry was just in my genes ─ my grandmother had been a worrier. So had my mother. But I finally realized worry did not have to be a part of my life.
Once I realized this, I was well on my way to a Hurry Less, Worry Less lifestyle.

Here are three tips to reduce the worry in your life:
1. List what worries you. That's right, get it out. Pull out a pen and write down all that worries you. Don't concern yourself with whether they are based on reality or fantasy. Just write them down. Let's face what is keeping you up at night.
2. Circle your top three worries. Identify the top things that worry you most and consider what they are. Are they true concerns? Do they have real answers? Create a plan for dealing with them. If one of your top worries deals with not spending enough time with your family, for example, then create a plan for spending more time. Look at what it will take to spend more time at home or to participate in special moments. Write that plan down.
For those things that are outside of your realistic and practical control, then you must find a place of faith that allows you not to agonize over what you cannot affect.
Suddenly, you've disposed of that worry. You've turned it from an awful concern to an anticipated plan.
3. Follow the greeting card philosophy: "Don't put your umbrella up until it starts raining."
I saw this message on a greeting card years ago and it has stuck with me. I realized worrying about things that might happen was as silly as putting up an umbrella because it might rain. So one strategy is to simply not spend time fretting over dire and far-off possibilities.

This approach can be applied every time you find worry creeping into your life. Face the worry. Understand why it is bothering you. Create a plan to deal with it. And if it's not worth dealing with or if there is nothing you can reasonably do about it, then remember the greeting card philosophy: "Don't put up your umbrella until it starts raining."

Hurry Less, Worry Less exercises

Here are two exercises to help you begin to clear the clutter out of your life:

Exercise 1
Say "no" to one thing to say "yes" to another. Look at your week and all its demands. Find one thing you can say no to that will allow you to replace it with something else you would much rather do that will give you joy. Do not be afraid to say no to an obligation that unfairly taxes your time or energy or to say no to a last-minute request from someone else that will throw off your schedule.

Exercise 2
Paste a favorite scripture around your house. Find a favorite scripture that reminds you that God is in control and that your life need not be full of hurry and worry. Make copies of this scripture and place it in two or three places around the house to remind you to live at a less frenzied pace.

All tips are from Hurry Less, Worry Less: 10 Strategies for Living the Life You Long For
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